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We cater to many different clients, both residential and commercial, including:

• Retail Offices
• Dental Offices
• Doctors' Offices
• Industrial Plants (Maintenance)
• Churches
• Security Lighting for Homes and Businesses

How We Can Help

At Durham Electrical Contractors. we provide you with the information you require to make an informed decision to get the best electrical solution for your home or business. Whether installing new equipment such as lighting or automation, upgrading your service or improving existing electrical, finding energy saving solutions or safety and security, we can find the best solution for all your electrical needs.

Durham Electrical Contractors provides basic services including emergency calls, installation and maintenance of electrical equipment. Here we provide further detail about our more popular services.

Our products and services include the following:

- New Outlets/Circuits
Usually new circuits are the requirements of additional power, remodeling, or installing electrical equipment in general.

- High-Tech Troubleshooting
True RMS and poly signal tracing equipment allowing us to find electrical issues from circuit loading to faults.

- Service Panel Upgrade
We replace a variety of panel from fuse panels to breaker panels. We provide upgrading services from 60amp to 400amp. We also replace your deteriorated electrical equipment.

- Code Corrections
We offer correction of insufficiencies indicated by code infractions, ESA defect lists and home inspector defect lists.

- Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs
We provide installation of pool and hot tub equipment from power supply and bonding to controls.

- Aluminum Wire Reconditioning (AWR)
We replace devices and connectors with proper aluminum rated equipment.

- Surge Protection
Main line surge protection to protect the panel and house from larger surges and point of use protection from smaller surges.

- Energy Saving
From occupancy sensors hardwired or wireless control to cut down use of lighting when not needed, upgrading of old flourescents to new electronic ballasts, compact fluorescents and LED lamps and fixtures to cut down power use and increase savings.

- Home Automation
Timers and table top controls to sophisticated wireless and programmed controls allow convenience, security and energy savings.

- Heating
Installation, replacement or testing of baseboard heaters, convection, or radiant heaters.

Ask us about your heating system existing or new.

Circuits for electric fireplaces, these for the most part cannot just be plugged in as they draw enough power to take up a 15 amp standard circuit and some require a 20 amp circuit, which requires you to have a separate circuit installed to run this.

- Lighting Design/Maintenance
- Generator Panels
- Retail
- Offices
- Renovations
- Electrical Maintenance of Commercial & Industrial
- Rewire